How to improve your child’s sleep?


Child’s sleep is extremely important for their overall development, physical and emotional well-being. There may be several reasons for your child for not getting a good amount of sleep. But, are you aware of the ways to improve your child’s sleep? Here are some of the tips to improve your child’s sleep as advised by the pediatric specialists. Have a look.


How to improve your child's sleep

1. Establish a set wake-up time and bed time

It is the internal clock of the child, which makes them feel sleepy at specific times. And, it is the responsibility of the parents to help the kids achieve the internal clock. So, try maintaining the internal clock on a regular basis, even on the weekends. This ensures that the habit is not endangered. Try not to allow your kids to remain awake till late night or get up very late in the morning during the holidays or in the weekends. This disturbs their cycle. They get a harder time to fall asleep on the regular nights and get up on the regular days.


2. Ensure that the child’s room is comfortable and relaxing

It’s generally seen that parents force their kids to go to sleep at night. It comes to them as punishment. But, this should not be the case. Instead, try to make the place a bit comfortable and relaxing so that your kid will himself ask you to go to bed whenever he feels tired. This is an essential way to improve your child’s sleep.


3. Teach your child to fall asleep on his own

This is important to make him independent. This is because, your child starts becoming dependent on you to fall asleep. Instead, it is advised that put him to bed when he/she feels sleepy and leave the room before the child has actually slept off. The child starts associating sleepiness with the bed and starts learning self-soothing.


4. Ensure that the child is grabbing enough sleep

It often happens that the parents don’t remain clear about the hours their little tot spends on sleep. However, parents need to be aware of this. There are particular hours of sleep, which is essential for people depending on their ages. And, this is well proved. So, the parents must take a note of this issue seriously.


5. Give Proper Diet to your Child

Overlooking the diet can be very dangerous. It is extremely essential for children to have a balanced diet to get enough sleep. There are several food items like big meals, too much sugar, high fat foods, which must be avoided since these disrupt the sleep cycle and sleep pattern as well. You must also take a note of the consumption of liquid of your child just before the bedtime. This is because, his sleep may get disrupted due to the bathroom break.


6. Encourage him for Exercises

If you find your child running all throughout the day, it’s sure that he/she will definitely sleep well at night. So, encourage your child to do more and more amount of exercises and physical activities all throughout the day. Your child will definitely experience better mood, better brain functioning and off course, a good quality of sound sleep at night.


7. Practice a soothing pre-bedtime habit

Kids are recommended to feel mentally and physically relaxed to enjoy a happy, cozy, secure and comfortable sleep. If you wish to have a smooth bedtime for your kid, refrain from all the habits that can make him mentally active and physically energetic. Skip video games, TV shows and start listening to beautiful soothing music, which impart a soothing impact on the individuals. Practice certain activities, which provide a calming feeling before bedtime and let your kid have a sound sleep.


Sleep is a vital element of a child’s health. It is essential component to maintain a healthy living. These are some ways, which you can try to improve your child’s sleep. Now that you are aware of the various ways, try following these tips to improve your child’s sleep and maintain a healthy sleep pattern for your toddler. A good sound sleep helps to keep a body and mind healthy. It also helps in bringing out an overall development of the individuals, on the whole.



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