Healthy vegetable Snacks!!

Today’s world has become extremely conscious about their health and various medical complications like weight gain, obesity and other disorders related to this. So, they are always in search of healthy food, which can satisfy their hunger, their sense of taste as well as take care of their health. This has led to the development of several yummy recipes of healthy vegetable snacks. These snacks right from the kitchen are extremely tasty, nutritious and healthy as well. Here is a list of some of the healthy vegetable snacks discussed in detail.

Healthy vegetable Snacks

Vegetable Kebabs

Kebabs sound so mouthwatering isn’t it? But, we have generally heard of chicken kebabs, paneer kebabs. But, what exactly do we mean by vegetable kebabs? It is one of the most popular snack dishes widely popular across the world. It is formed by grating the vegetables, mixing with the spices and deep frying in hot oil. Shredded cabbage, grated paneer, mashed potato, grated cauliflower, grated carrot, chopped green chillies, grated bell peppers, chopped onions, mushrooms and tomatoes, half cup maida and coriander leaves are the basic ingredients of this delicious vegetable snack. All these ingredients are mixed together along with the spices to form one of the healthy vegetable snacks. It is extremely nutritious and healthy as well.


Baked Gobhi 65

This may also be termed as the Baked grilled cauliflower. It is a very popular snack dish, which is often served as a starter in many areas. Cauliflower florets, corn flour,  spices, yoghurt and garlic and ginger pastes are used to prepare this healthy dish. The entire dish is prepared by the process of baking and grilling. And, the dish is thus termed as Baked Gobhi. This healthy snack provides a power packed nutrition along with superb taste.


Bread Paneer Roll

This is one of the healthy vegetable snacks for you. The baked bread snack is quick and very easy to prepare.  It acts as a tasty appetizer and snack for you. Shredded cabbage, chopped onions, tomatoes, boiled green peas, chopped green chillies, mashed potatoes, grated paneer and some spices are added together to form a tasty mixture. This mixture is then stuffed in brown breads in the form of rolls. This forms a delicious bread paneer roll for you. The bread is baked and grilled. And, it thus, is quite healthy with very less calories. The vegetables used for stuffing provide the required nutrition to the individuals as well.


Cornflakes Chaat

How about including a food item rich in fiber in your snack time? Low fat, low calorie and highly nutritious cornflakes are used to prepare the cornflakes chaat recipe. The cornflakes are tossed with raisins, fruits, onions, nuts, cherries, tomatoes, finely chopped cucumber, some spices and garnished with mustard seeds and curry and coriander leaves. You may add some yoghurt and tamarind chutney to the chaat to make it tastier. Don’t you think this healthy vegetable snack is mouth-watering yet nutritious?


Healthy Yummy momos

This is yet one of the healthy vegetable snacks not only for the kids but for all. If you’re fond of momos or Oriental dishes, this snack will perhaps be the best one for you. This is extremely versatile and satiating as well. It has got all those nutrients, which ensure to satisfy the delightful palates. To make it healthier, replace refined flour with whole wheat flour. And, make the filling with the beans, sprouts, broccolis, chopped ginger and garlic and some more veggies as per your choice. The healthy yummy momos are very easy to prepare and quite healthy too.


Veggie Wrap

Last but not the least, veggie wrap is yet one of the healthy vegetable snacks for you. A wholesome snack packed with antioxidants, vitamins, essential minerals, proteins and carbohydrates is very healthy for the individuals and especially for the expecting moms. This snack is highly satiating and healthy. It ensures that the hunger is chased away and the body is given essential nourishment. Sliced capsicums and carrots, bean sprouts, chopped onions, chopped broccolis and garlic are used s ingredients along with spices and healthy mayonnaise to prepare this tasty healthy snack, Veggie wrap.


Thus, these are some of the healthy vegetable snacks for you. Try them out and lead a healthy life.



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