Healthy diet in pregnancy!!

A baby in her mother’s womb gets nourishment from the food that the mother eats and drinks. It is the major source of the nourishment. Thus, it is recommended that women must practice healthy diet in pregnancy. The pregnant woman requires a lot of folic acid, calcium, protein and iron all throughout.


Healthy diet in pregnancy


Folic acid is required by the women to prevent any birth defect in the spine and brain of the baby. This condition is known as the Neural tube defects. Calcium is also required to strengthen the teeth and bones of the babies. If the woman is deficient in calcium, the mineral will be taken from that of the body of the mother. Also, iron is yet another essential element for a pregnant woman. This is because, if the woman doesn’t have enough iron, the baby may be born anaemic. And, the babies will develop some risks of infections. Last but not the least, protein is the element, which is required in huge quantities by the pregnant women. This mineral is required by the women to develop the essential organs of the baby, which include the heart and the brain.

Here, we shall discuss about some of the essential food items, which must be included in the diet in pregnancy. Let’s look at them one by one.

Green Leafy Vegetables and Fruits

These are important sources of essential minerals and other nutritious elements. These are required by the pregnant women during the phase of pregnancy. These foods have a very low quantity of calories. However, they are highly filled with dietary fiber. Also, they help to provide a lot of different types of vitamins and various minerals to the body of the pregnant ladies. They are rich in Vitamin B complex, folic acids and many more. They help in carrying out the process of digestion easily. Also, they help to prevent constipation, which is very common during pregnancy. Thus, it is highly recommended to eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. However, wash these vegetables and fruits thoroughly before eating.

Milk and Dairy Products

Milk and other dairy products are some of the essential items to be included in the healthy diet in pregnancy. Milk, cheese, yoghurt are the important food sources for pregnant ladies. However, it is advised to consume these with low quantities of fat. These include skimmed milk or semi skimmed milk. And, for the dairy products and alternatives, it is suggested to opt for the unsweetened products. These serve to be the healthy diet in pregnancy.


Eggs have a lot of proteins, 12 types of vitamins and several minerals. These serve to be the best foods in pregnancy. The body cells of the babies in the mother’s womb multiply exponentially. And, each cell comprises protein. Also, the protein requirement for pregnant women is also high. Moreover,  eggs have a lot of choline, which helps in the growth and development of the vision and brain of the babies. But, if you have concern related to cholesterol, you are advised to substitute the whole egg with the egg whites.

Whole Grains

This is another source for healthy diet in the pregnant women. The whole grains provide an individual with dietary fibers, Vitamin B, E, selenium and iron as well. Oatmeal, barley, brown rice, whole wheat breads, pasta are some of the important sources of whole grains.

Apart from these sources, the woman must include some lean meats like tofu, salmon, sardines, shark, king mackerel, swordfish, beans, nuts, sweet potatoes in their diet during this phase of her life.

Foods to Avoid

A pregnant woman must avoid the consumption of caffeine to restricted quantities. This is because, the intake of caffeine in moderate quantities may lead to premature birth of the babies and miscarriages as well. She must limit the intake of the white tuna fish. This is because this fish has mercury in it. And, too much consumption of tuna is very dangerous for her. Also, it is advised to avoid the alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Because, the baby may be born with alcohol spectrum complication and some other physical and behavioral complications.

Thus, it is suggested that women must follow a healthy diet in pregnancy. The diet in pregnancy must take proper care of all those food items, which must be consumed and which must be avoided.



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