Health Benefits of Vitamin D!!

Vitamin D, is often known as Sunshine Vitamin, due to its production in our skin on contact with sunlight. Being a fat soluble vitamin, it has several important functions. Here are some of the most important health benefits of Vitamin D.


Health Benefits of Vitamin D


Food sources-

Sun is the major and the natural source of getting this vitamin. Fish and mushroom are the vitamin D super foods. Other foods such as cold liver oil, milk, yogurt, egg yolks and cheese are also the natural sources of this vitamin. Also, there are some foods that are fortified with this vitamin such as breakfast cereals, orange juice, oatmeal etc. Only some brands offer vitamin d fortified foods, so read label before use.


Health Benefits of Vitamin D


Development of Bones and Teeth

The great health benefit of Vitamin D is to provide healthy teeth and bones. This vitamin is necessary for the normal growth of bones and teeth and their development. It is important for regulation of calcium and phosphorus absorption too. Thereby, facilitates proper functioning of immune system and prevents the body from certain diseases. If we are lacking required amount of this vitamin, then we are at risk of developing soft bones or fragile bones. The condition is called as osteomalacia (soft bones) or osteoporosis (fragile bones). So, it is necessary to consume sufficient amount of vitamin d in order to maintain bones healthy and strong enough.


Good for Pregnant Woman

Another very important Vitamin D health benefit is to support healthy pregnancy in woman. A pregnant woman is at high risk of getting preeclampsia and most of the time required cesarean section. This problem can be prevented by getting required amount of Vitamin D. Even, poor status of this vitamin is responsible for gestational diabetes too. So woman must keep the healthy level of this vitamin in the body during her pregnancy.


Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a great risk to diseases such as kidney problems and heart diseases. So managing the blood pressure is important. This vitamin serve as a great benefit to our health by lowering blood pressure. The vitamin is a great way to reduce the risk of heart attacks and multiple sclerosis like diseases as well.


Lowers Risk of Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the serious health problem which has lot of health complications if care is not taken in the beginning. Maintenance of blood sugar level is must to keep our body away from this major disease. Vitamin D plays an important role in regulation of blood sugar level. Sufficient amount of this vitamin concentration in blood keep the secretion of insulin in the body healthy. It also helps to maintain healthy glucose tolerance as well.


Prevention of Cancer

In our body, normal growth of cells and their communication with each other is essential for the proper functioning of the body. For this, Vitamin D is a great supplement. Vitamin is known to reduce the growth of cancerous tissues and promotes the death of cancerous cells. It lowers the cell proliferation and development of new blood vessels in the already affected cancerous tissues. Thereby, gives a great health benefit for prevention of cancer.


Arthritis Prevention

Women having sufficient amount of Vitamin D in the body are at low risk of developing arthritis. The vitamin is known to have a significant role in joint health. Low levels of this vitamin in the blood is responsible for arthritis of hip and knee in women. The problem of rheumatoid arthritis is also common among women with insufficient concentration of this vitamin. Exposure of the body to sunlight will help to get adequate amount of this vitamin.


Like other vitamins, Vitamin D health benefits are also amazing. Include Vitamin D rich foods in your list and stay healthy!



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