Health Benefits of Cardamom!! 

Cardamom (Elaichi) is one of the most used spicy in Indian kitchen. It’s known for its amazing health benefits and great aroma. It does not only add the unique flavour to tea, dishes etc. but used as ingredient in ayurvedic medicines too. It’s a wonderful herb accepted by Ayurveda. This is used for digestive problems, oral health issues, high blood pressure and many more.

Health Benefits of Cardamom

Let’s discuss top Health Benefits of Cardamom…


Fights Acidity

 Health Benefits of Cardamom


Cardamom works wonders in case of digestive problems like acidity or heart burn, if it’s chronic too. It’s packed with essential oils which help to give strength to mucosal linings of stomach and also enhances the saliva production.


Chew the cardamom pod after you finish your major meal. Better walk for some time when you have it so that it can work in better way. It also help to improve your appetite and beats many gastric problems like bloating of gas, belching and chest burning. Use it daily so that you can get rid of acidity totally.


Good for Heart

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 Your blood and other body fluids and even cells have main component- potassium which is needed for their normal functions. Cardamom or elaichi is packed with this essential mineral along with other like calcium and magnesium and helps in regulating normal heart functions and keeps blood pressure under control. Therefore this makes wonderful result giving home remedy for hypertension too.


Simply have herbal tea containing cardamom twice daily and use in making curries so you feel its unique flavor as well along with health benefits.


Beats Halitosis (Bad Breath)

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Strong and unique flavour of Cardamom makes it a great mouth freshener. It’s packed with anti-bacterial properties as well which can deal with bad breath effectively. As it combats digestive problems that is a root cause for halitosis, bad breath can be kept at bay.


Chew 1 or 2 cardamom pods after meal or any time. Also drink herbal tea containing this.


Detoxifies the Body

 Cardamom Health Benefits

 Cardamom can effectively detoxify your entire body via clearing blocked channels and takes out toxins and free radicals which are not needed for body. It’s a good source of manganese which help in the production of enzymes that destroy free radicals.


Have it daily in dishes, deserts and beverages.


Acts as an Aphrodisiac

 Health Benefits of Cardamom


Cardamom acts as a potent tonic which helps to rejuvenate the whole reproductive system. It boosts the sexual life and provides stamina. Also deals with male sexual health issues like premature ejaculation, impotency, erectile dysfunction etc.

You can boil 1 cardamom in a 1 and half cup of water with or without sugar, filter when 1 cup remains. Sip and enjoy its flavour.

Beyond these top Cardamom Health Benefits, this also enhances red blood cells production as cardamom is packed with copper and iron too and therefore deals with anaemia. It’s a good diuretic and can be indicated in urinary tract infections. This supports respiratory health and beats cold, cough and flu.



For specific treatment, always consult an Ayurveda expert!
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