Harmful Impacts of Skipping Breakfast!!

The word Breakfast consists of two words- Break and Fast, means, to break the fast of several hours. Breakfast is known as the very 1st meal of the day that should be healthy enough. It should be planned well like any other meal of the day. If the first meal is the heavy one, then it should be followed by a light lunch. And if you are taking a light morning meal, then you can opt for heavy lunch. What if we skip the morning meal, we are making a call to several health problems to attack us.


Harmful Impacts of Skipping Breakfast


Here we are discussing Major Harmful Impacts of Skipping Breakfast


Weight Loss

The greatest impact of skipping the breakfast is the weight loss. No doubt, it seems to be the best way for a fat person to lose weight quickly by not taking the meal in the morning. But, skipping the first meal will actually affect the whole metabolism process of the body. Instead of taking a heavy meal in the morning, one may choose a light one if he actually wants to lose the weight. But don’t skip the very 1st meal of the day.


Increases the Risk for Heart Disease

Yes, it is true, skipping the morning meal may actually pose a person at higher risk of developing heart problems. And we are well aware about it, that Heart problems are serious enough to cause other health problems too. Skipping the morning meal may also cause the problem of hypertension, insulin resistance and raised blood sugar levels too. Eating a healthy meal in the morning is itself a good way to manage these health problems. Hence make sure you are eating healthy in the morning.


Low on Nutrients

A person skipping morning meal will be at higher risk of nutrient deficiency. The nutrient deficiencies are linked to fatigue, poor mental function as well as other health problems. In fact, a healthy breakfast is a great way to maintain a healthy memory. So make sure, you are taking enough vitamins, minerals, protein and essential fatty acids in your morning meal. May be, you are likely to go for junk food by skipping the very first meal. We are aware about it, that these foods are not good for our health.


Menstrual Irregularities

Girls are more worried about making their belly flat. Skipping the very first meal seems to be a good option. But there are so many other ways to get a flat belly, so why skip breakfast. The problem of painful menses and irregular menstruation are more likely to occur in such females. By doing exercises or yoga and by avoiding junk foods too, they can achieve the target of losing weight. You can take the light one, but don’t skip the first meal.


Physical Side Effects

Skipping the first meal increases the risk of physical side effects. These include shakiness, dizziness, headaches, weakness as well as tingling and a rapid heartbeat. Hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) may also occur. The morning meal helps to regain the energy that is lost while we sleep in the night. Our body uses this energy to perform several functions. A nutritious morning meal is a great way to boost the energy levels. Hence, a great option to stay active whole day.

So after knowing all these Harmful Impacts of Skipping the Breakfast, are you still going to skip it? Think twice, before skipping. In fact, start taking a healthy meal in the morning.



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