All about Fasting (A part of natural treatment)!!

Fasting is defined as complete abstinence of food and drinks other than water for a specific time of period to attain good health.

All about Fasting

Well..Fasting is a cleaning  and healing process. This is nature’s oldest, most effective and yet least expensive method of treating diseases. Fasting cleanses the body and thus makes it more energetic.

What is the daily routine one should adopt during Fasting?

  1. Drink plenty of watermelon but in small quantities at time. This helps to keep the body clean and toxins free.
  2. One should keep calm and stress free.
  3. Walk in clean and open spaces during fast.
  4. Stay positive and make yourself free from anger, jealous and worries.
  5. Take rest mentally and physically and of course do not think about food during fast😊
  6. Once fast is over, one should eat with self-control. Try to break the fast with some liquid like fruit juice.

Types of fast suggested to patients as per their age and health conditions according to the natural science of healing=

Juice fast=In this, only juices are given. Vegetables soup is also allowed, and water is mandatory of course. This is beneficial for those who have skin problems and loss of blood.

Fast on fruits = Its a popular form of Fasting where seasonal fruits are given. Its effective for weak patients. Melons, mangoes, oranges are few examples of fruits given here.

Evening fast=In this type of Fasting, easy to digest food is given once in the evening. No other meal. Water is recommended in all sort of fasts.

Fast on milk=This helps to increase vitality and stamina. Only milk is given 4 to 5 times a day. Beneficial for weak patients.

Fast on buttermilk =This is advisable in patients with colon diseases like ulcerative colitis, IBS and crohn’s disease.

Weekly fast=This type of fast is very popular in India which is followed by many people. One day fast is kept removing toxins. Evening meal is taken by them either with salt or without salt. It’s good to skip salt for full day to remove exercise water from feels very light and fresh next day. It increases metabolism of the body.

Short fast= Lasts for 3 to 7 days and know6as partial fast.

Long fast= This is advisable in some chronic conditions that lasts for more than 7 days.

Only water is given with some natural herbs.

What are fasting crises?

One has to take care about Fasting crises like abdominal pain, headaches, vomiting etc.

In case of headaches = massage with cow ghee is beneficial. Vomiting can be controlled by giving drink made from water, honey and lemon juice. For abdominal pain, hot water sip by sip is helpful.

What is the significance of Navratri fast in India?

According to the ancient discipline, fasting is an effective way to stimulate the digestive fire and burn away accumulated toxins from body and mind.

India is a country with rich historical and cultural background of festivals and celebrations. Every year the beginning of spring and the autumn are two very important junctions of climatic and solar influence as the whole of creation goes through a kind of transformation with each changing season. These are called as seasonal junctions. During these changes in nature, body and mind of a person also goes under considerable changes. These two periods or junctions are considered as opportunities for detoxification. Detoxification of body, mind and soul.  Fasting is one of the techniques to get all benefits. Therefore, Fasting during Navratri is considered to be very helpful to stay disease free.

Therefore it can be said that Fasting is a wonderful natural therapy to lightens the body, improve mental  clarity and improve overall health and wellbeing!!


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