Facts about Breast Cancer!!

Females are always extra cautious about their health. From losing weight to eat healthy, girls are ready to do anything. Going for a regular checkup is a better way to stay fit. Well, in this article we are going to discuss about the facts about breast cancer. Yes, cancer of breast is very common type of cancer in women. It can be managed well by taking some precautions and of course, treatment is also available. It is correctly said, that prevention is better than cure, very right!


Facts about Breast Cancer


What actually is the breast cancer and what are its symptoms?

As the name indicates, it is a cancer that forms in the breast cells. Damaged cells invade the surrounding tissues and cause more serious problem.

It can be well diagnosed with the symptoms such as a lump in the breast, thickening of breast or any bloody discharge from the nipple. If you are noticing any change in the shape, size and appearance of your breast, ladies please be alert. A newly formed nipple is another important sign of this cancer.


What are the reasons behind the breast cancer?

Well, the exact cause of most of the diseases are still not known. Breast cancer is also among them.

It is believed to occur when some of the breast cells starts growing abnormally. Growth of such cells is more rapid than the healthy cells.

Modern lifestyle has also much to contribute here.

Hormonal balances and the environmental factors are also posing the risk for the same. Even 5 to 10 percent of the cases are found hereditary.


What can be the risk factors for breast cancer?

Being female is an important fact of the breast cancer. With increased age, women are at high risk for the same.

If you are having a family history of breast cancer, sorry to say, you are also at risk.

Exposure to strong radiations can also lead to this.

Giving birth to first child at age more than 35 years or if you are never pregnant in your life, then also you are at high risk.

Well, alcohol is mostly harmful for all kind of health problems, hence for the breast cancer too. So better, stay on the safe side and avoid drinking alcohol if you are a regular drinker.


What can be done to prevent breast cancer?

Now, we are giving you some preventive measures that will help to handle the cancer to some extent.

First of all, go for a regular checkup. Early diagnosis will help to get an early treatment. As already discussed, intake of alcohol should also be limited.

If you are obese, start losing your weight because obesity is also among the risk factor. So, controlling weight is must.

It has been seen, that women do not feed their child as longer as required. But you know what, feeding longer will reduce the risk to a great extent and offer protective effect to the body.

If you are taking any hormonal therapy, ask your doctor to suggest any non-hormonal therapy or medicines, if possible. If not, then always ask for lowest dose possible and monitor the duration of therapies.

Always cover yourself while going in the sun. Take every precaution to protect yourself from environmental pollution. Avoid any exposure to medical imaging radiations and go for such tests only when necessary.

Last but not least, a healthy and balanced diet may also reduce the risk of this cancer. So maintain a proper diet as well.


Here are some natural ways for breast cancer –

If you are already diagnosed with this serious disease, alkaline diet is highly advised. As cancer cells gets more active in acidic environment, it is highly important to create an alkaline atmosphere for cells to stop further aggravation.

Make use of some wonderful herbs such as Curcuma longa, Withania somnifera, Bauhinea varigata, Ocimum sanctum, Bacopa monnieri, Commifora mukul etc. You can also opt for some natural products, under an Ayurveda expert’s guidance. They are safe to use with ongoing modern treatment to support healthy cells.

Pranayama is another way to handle this pathetic condition efficiently. It is a complete breathing exercise that helps to clean body internally and also nourishes entire nervous system to keep mental stress at bay.



For specific treatment, always consult an Ayurveda expert!
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