Best Exercises to Lose Weight!!

Work out and healthy diet is Greatest Mantra to stay fit and healthy. We know today’s life style has changed a lot so try to give some time for yourself or else you are going to worst your health. If you are a victim of obesity and your overweight is bothering you a lot, take out some time. Shouldn’t fat burning be faster? Here we are with best exercises to lose weight. Try to include them in your daily routine, at least 2 or 3.


Best Exercises to Lose Weight


Best Exercises to Lose Weight


Walking and Running

Very important one among the best exercises for obesity is walking! Yes, walking is very easy and most convenient way to lose body weight. Always prefer walking whenever you can as it can be done anywhere, anytime and does not require anything for what you have to think. Start initially with slower pace and if it’s just initial stage, give 15 minutes of walking to yourself and then increase the time of duration slowly up to 30 minutes or so. Wear comfortable shoes and cloths and focus only towards your goal. Walking, an easiest way helps you to move every part of the body and lose extra body fat. Once you are easy with walking, slowly start running simply that will again enhance your stamina and boost the weight loss.



Here is another good exercise for obese people and that is cycling. Some people just love it and enjoy seriously. You can cycle in the morning as you go for morning walk. Fresh air is good for your lungs too so benefit is not limited to weight loss only. You can also join a gym and use machine over there even can be kept at home for easy convenience. These fixed machines can be used by anyone without fear of slipping or falling. Cycling is another very effective way to move your entire body right from arms, legs, thighs and buttocks. Those who have fat accumulation around thighs, must do cycling. Start doing it for 5 to 10 min and slowly speedup it.



One more amazing best exercise to lose weight is swimming. You must be trained enough to go for this exercise. This is best way to lose extra body fat as there is proper movements of arms, legs and whole body. Make sure swimming pool is enough hygienic and clean. You need to have swim suit and other accessories. It can be bit tiring and hectic for you in the beginning if you are not used to it but with time you will be comfortable. Start with 5 minutes and later you can increase duration and intensity as well. Try this under a trained instructor only. More vigorous is swimming, more rapidly you will lose your weight. As it improves blood circulation throughout the body, you feel energetic every time.


Strength Training

Another way to lose extra fat is strength training. You have to carry weights by lifting dumbbells. Keep them at home and do or else you can do it at gym. This helps you to improve circulation around your joints and strengthen them. By lifting weight, tissues in body get break down and that result in weight loss. Noticeable changes are seen after couple of day when done regularly.


Sun Salutation

As mention earlier too, Surya namaskar is very effective among best exercises for weight loss. It is an ancient technique to show gratitude to sun which is source of all the forms on planet. It comprises of set of 12 exercises or yoga postures which are very easy to perform but have amazing results in weight loss. This whole procedure improves blood circulation, heart health and keeps mind very relaxed. This is in fact a wonderful way to keep body in shape.



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