Yoga is a methodical science that helps you attain the optimum capacity of mind that drives the body. It helps you to unlock hidden energy that helps to enhance the prana or vitality in the body.
Well, like other things, Yoga also has some basic rules which should be kept in mind before performing Asanas.

Basic Rules useful for Yoga-Asanas

Let’s discuss them-


Yoga Asanas can be done during morning and evening time. If it’s not possible both the times, then morning time is better. The mind remains calm and one can do with full of concentration. Morning, it should be empty stomach, before 2 hours of breakfast. One must be free from natural urges. Constipation must be avoided at any cost. Take some laxative like triphala powder to get rid of, if there.


A clean, calm and peaceful place is the best for performing yoga and pranayam. Open areas like garden is most suitable place but it can be done at home in a peaceful room. Make sure there is a good ventilation to have adequate amount of oxygen. Or a lamp or guggul can be lit to fill the air with aroma.


Practice should be according to the age and one’s capacity, age and stamina. Weak and old age people are not adviced to perform Asanas. They can have pranayam, just simple breathing exercises.


While doing Asanas and other yoga postures, cloths must be very comfortable and minimum. One must wear washed and clean cloths everytime.


Food should be taken at least half an hour after performing Asanas. Food should be very simple devoid of fried and spicy food that can lead to some digestive disorders. Have a habit of taking some herbal tea. Take a decoction made from carom, coriander and fennel seeds. This herbal tea has got plenty of health benefits. Milk tea slowly destroys liver cells so try to avoid. Drink plenty of water, lemon water(1-2) glasses through out the day to stay healthy. Avoid constipation and eat fiber rich diet including fruits and vegetables.

Stage and Precautions

Pranayam and yoga asanas can be done in all the situations. If one is fit without any sickness or disease, can perform yoga and Asanas without any fear. This will help to keep them even more fit and healthy. Such people do not get sick. Though this is advised for people who are unhealthy but need to perform these Asanas under an expert’s guidance to avoid further complication. Weak hearted people should avoid heavy exercises.

Inhale and Exhale rules

While doing Asanas, it’s a common rule to exhale while bending forward and inhale while moving backwards. Breathing should be from nose only and not mouth as the air inhaled through nose gets filtered automatically.

Temperature of the body

If the person is not well or surrounded environment is hot, which rises further while doing the yoga practice then inhale through left nostril and exhale through the right nostril repeatedly to bring the temperature back to normal.


When ever one feels tired while doing Asanas, rest is must. Shavasana can be performed to have complete rest.

Like this there are many simple simple things you need to take care. Once you start practicing it, slowly things get clear with time.

The benefits of yoga lie in attaining a state of mental peace, harmony in relationship. It influences all the systems and organs of body and therefore helps to prevent health issues. If you practice yoga regularly, mind and body control can be achieved easily. Just knowing the Asanas in its correct form along with the basic knowledge of DO’s and DON’T s would add much more value to Yoga. Be your own master!!


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