What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is the improved version of the ancient Indian deep massage system that means putting pressure on the special points located in the human body, to cure the disease.

Acupressure - A Natural treatment

What are main effects of Acupressure on the human body?

1) This method, when applied- awakes the electrical forces of the body, produces power and energy.

2) It helps to create flexibility in all the muscular tissues of the body.

3) It activates the entire nervous system.

4) Glands such as endocrine, thyroid and pituitary etc get activated.

5) Toxins are removed from the body and required elements are produced by the internal immune system.

6) It helps to ease the muscle and joint pain.

7) This technique activates the internal organs and helps to restore their normal functions.

8) Acupressure helps to overcome the mental and physical stress.

What is the right time and duration of Acupressure?

Though, acupressure can be done anytime, however care has to be taken that if it has to be applied on organs like liver, stomach or intestines, it should be done on empty stomach or after 2-3 hours of meal. Performing acupressure before meal is the best idea. It can also be performed after the intake of liquids or fruits.

Duration sometimes varies. Depending upon the type of disease, pressure on the specific points should be applied from the 30 seconds to 2 minutes at each reflex center. Pressure should be applied according to the tolerance of the patient else it may lead to some problems. It must be twice or thrice a day else, once daily is recommended for better results. Sometimes it can be planned on every alternative day as per the situation.

What is the examination of the reflex centers and method of applying pressure?

1) Acupressure, a natural treatment can be performed with the help of thumbs, fingers or other suitable equipment made from wood or some other metal. It should be as per the convenience.

2) As discusses earlier, pressure should not be little or excessive. It should be according to the need and patient’s tolerance. While doing so, if anybody feels unbearable pain at the pressure point, then it should be understood that the part related to the reflex center suffers from some defect. Which do not cause any pain when pressed are healthy.

3) While pressure is being applied, toxins or foreign matter deposited in the arteries of the hands and feet start slowly moving with the flow of blood and leave the body through sweat or urine. For this reason, while doing acupressure, after pressing the desired points, in the end the reflex centers of both the kidneys should be pressed for 2 minutes at least.

4) Swelling or pain may take place while applying pressure initially, nothing to worry, it’s quite normal. One should not be panic and continue with the next sittings. Fomentation with salt and lukewarm water can be done later to ease the pain ans swelling later on.

What is the treatment of major diseases with acupressure?

-World Health Organization (WHO) has accepted the utility of acupressure and acupuncture system of treatment. These have been found very effective and efficient natural treatments for many diseases.

-Acupressure is very useful in the problems like frozen shoulder, cervical spondylitis, sciatica, migraine etc.

-Heart pain due to blocked arteries can also be get relieved quickly with the help of acupressure.

-This system is also helpful in conditions like diabetes or other metabolic diseases.

-Acupressure can also be used to diagnose the health problems. By putting pressure, it can be found easily that which part or gland is affected so that the right treatment can be done.

-It has good effects in health problems like paralysis and facial palsy.

Acupressure, a natural treatment has extensive description in the Indian texts. It is imperative to know why Indian women are wearing nose pins, ear rings and anklets/bangles. Men are also wearing finger rings from a long time. All this has been linked with the part of acupressure only!


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