Foods high in B Vitamins

Foods high in B Vitamins!!

Vitamins are a part of our diet which are essential for the body to perform optimally. The deficiency of vitamins certainly causes disorders. It has been clearly observed that supplementing the depleted vitamin leads to preventing or curing of the disease. Ayurveda and Vitamins: Vitamins have not been mentioned separately in Ayurvedic texts but the […]

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Believe in Brahmi for its amazing health benefits

Believe in Brahmi for its amazing health benefits!!

Brahmi is derived from the word ‘Brahma’. It is a perennial herb which is well-known in Ayurveda for its memory enhancing property.  The first clear reference of Brahmi plant is found in Charak Samhita. Another Ayurvedic text, Sushrut Samhita has described Brahmi as efficacious in loss of memory and intellect. It is classified among “Medhya […]

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Parenting Tips 7 Easy Ways to Deal with a Fussy Eater

Parenting Tips: 7 Easy Ways to Deal with a Fussy Eater!!

For any parent, one of the most pertinent questions that comes to their mind about their child is that what they can do to make their kid’s mealtime interesting rather than a dreadful experience. This is because children are so valiant, adamant and determined during mealtimes and the parents indulge in all sorts of pranks […]

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13 Ways that Sugary Soda is Bad for your Health

13 Ways that Sugary Soda is Bad for your Health!!

Our food choices can have a massive impact over a long period of time. Drinking a can of soda or sleeping late at night seems like simple lifestyle choices yet their impact on wellness is astounding. The sale of soda drinks is so high that they are available around every corner of the street. These […]

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5 effective Herbs in Ayurveda for blood purification

5 effective Herbs in Ayurveda for blood purification!!

Blood is a connective tissue that consists of cells surrounded by a liquid extracellular matrix known as blood plasma. Blood transports different materials throughout the body. The blood in the body does have a way of purifying itself. The kidney, liver and lymphatic system work together to expel unwanted toxins and impurities from the body […]

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Ayurvedic Baby Bath

Ayurvedic Baby Bath!!

The science of Ayurveda is a vast encyclopaedia of knowledge that deals with all aspects of life, including child birth and child care. Newbie parents are always confused about how to provide proper care to the baby. It is always better to go for Ayurvedic method of bathing for new born care. There are traditional […]

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How Ayurveda helps in Nephrotic Syndrome

How Ayurveda helps in Nephrotic Syndrome?

Nephrotic Syndrome is a kidney disease that causes kidneys to excrete too much protein. One of the main functions of the kidneys is to filter the blood. This allows the body to pass waste products, extra fluids and salt through urine. In healthy kidneys, proteins in the blood don’t leak into the urine during filtering […]

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