Our food choices can have a massive impact over a long period of time. Drinking a can of soda or sleeping late at night seems like simple lifestyle choices yet their impact on wellness is astounding.

The sale of soda drinks is so high that they are available around every corner of the street. These are known as caffeinated drinks, diet soda, cola or sparkling water. These bottled beverages are slow poisons.

In various researchers, it has been proved that they are the major culprit for the rising prevalence of obesity. Ayurveda has

When it comes to ranking beverages based on the health impacts, sugary soda falls at the bottom of the list because they are high in calories and contain no other nutrients.

Ayurvedic view on Synthetic Foods:

Ayurveda has always advised to consume natural sources of food. In Ayurveda, it is said that we must consume what nature gives us first-hand.

13 Ways that Sugary Soda is bad for your Health:

The habit of drinking soda or carbonated drinks on regular basis can lead to several adverse health conditions such as obesity, heart diseases, obesity, cancer etc.

  1.  Obesity: Most carbonated beverages contain a very high amount of sugar. A can of aerated drink contains about 10 teaspoons of sugar.
    • These sugary soda drinks are the major reason behind the rising cases of obesity among children.
    • Adults who consume soda drinks on a regular basis also suffer from weight gain and its associated complications.
  2. Kidney Problems: Consumption of soda drinks is linked to the kidney problems as well.
    • The sucrose in sweetened soda is hard to metabolize which can affect the kidneys.
    • Since soda drinks are acidic in nature and the acidic environment is conducive to stone formation.
    • Soda aggravates the formation of acid in the stomach.
  3. Cardiovascular Disorders: Regular intake of sugary beverages increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
    • People who drink two cans of sweetened sodas per day have an increased risk of death due to heart disorders or stroke by 33%.
  4. Dental Problems: The sugary soda drinks contain acidic ingredients that can erode the tooth enamel which results in tooth decay.
    • Sugar in these drinks combines with bacteria in the mouth and acid is formed.
  5. Type-2 Diabetes: Excessive sugar consumption can lead to insulin resistance. There are numerous studies that prove that soda consumption can lead to type-2 diabetes.
    • Consumption of sugar and caffeine are bad for health as these cause a spike in the blood sugar levels and their regular consumption can cause diabetes.
  6. Fatty Liver: Since the sugar in soda drinks is not metabolized by any cell of the body, except the liver therefore a large amount of sugar turns into fat in the liver which is a major cause of fatty liver.
  7. Bone Health: Soda may pose a unique challenge to healthy bones as it contains high level of phosphate.
    • Consuming more phosphate can have a deleterious effect on health.
    • Soft drinks don’t have any nutritional value.
  8. Cancer Risks: The high amount of sugar present in soda makes it a potential risk factor for cancer.
  9. Increased Risk of Gout: Gout is a medical condition characterized by pain and inflammation in the joints, particularly in the big toes.
    • There are many studies that determine the strong links between sugar-sweetened drinks and gout because of high fructose content.
  10. Increased risk of Dementia: The sugar-sweetened beverages lead to rapid spikes in blood sugar; therefore it could also increase the risk of dementia.
    • The large doses of sugary drinks can impair memory and decision-making capabilities of an individual.
  11. Causes Addiction: Soda drinks contains large amounts of sugar and sugar is addictive in nature. Hence, it is tough to give up the carbonated beverages.
    • Most soda drinks also contain caffeine. Caffeine is considered as a psycho-stimulant that brain craves for.
    • The euphoric feeling of sugar combined with the stimuli of caffeine is what the brain keeps craving for.
  12. Causes Leptin Resistance: Leptin is a hormone produced by the body’s fat cells. It regulates the number of calories.
    • Various studies have shown that a high-fructose diet can cause leptin resistance and eliminating fructose may reverse the problem.
  13. Contains no essential nutrients: Consuming soda drinks adds nothing to the diet except excessive amounts of added sugar and unnecessary calories.

Thus, the consumption of soda sugary drinks should be limited to minimum, both in adults and in young children. It must be replaced with fresh and healthy drinks.


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